2013年10月8日 星期二

Day 198-206 in Mt. Waverley, Melbourne, Australia

Duck helps to pick the ball falling into water haha. Amazing.
I push Aya and Miky to the upper side on hill in the shopping cart. How strong I am. Haha

Talked a little with a guy in dry shop yesterday and have drink with Minkey, Neil and HK fisher.

Drink and talk with local ppl. So good. No mater who they are how old we are.

Move to Melbourne by overland. I am so lucky that many ppl cannot book if cause of foot ball game.

I sleep overhead!!!!!!! How nice and lucky I am!!!! James takes me to Parklands terminal and train is still waiting !!!!'Thanks god.

I have a great talk with Margrate who is a teacher from Adelaide and is on her way to her parent's home. She didn't know Parilla. Haha. When we talk about Denis's farm, he feel interested in. Her parents and uncle are also farmers. We talk about Asia food, her students from different countries, 911 and underground railway attack in London, Taiwan culture , economic, policy, and education. We also talk about her son - Tom who is an supervisor in the Ghan and the Indian pacific. He love his job and like to service customers. It's really good. He have worked exp when he was 15 and had a gap year in grade 12. They invited five foreign friends home for his 20 birthday. We told about IT, nurse and chief cooker are more and more India People but they need more patient for service. Their training is short tern. It's horrible. I also told her about Garma Festival and that special girl. I also shared with Minkey yesterday. He went together with Suki. Migrate tells me it's always cost a lot money for girlfriend but happy.

I also introduce how beautiful of Taiwan. I always can make people think: maybe I should go there seriously. Beautiful view and friendly people and delicious food. Why not?? She have BP exp around Europe with her son.

I also share my idea about my trip: meet local people and be friends, understand more deeply about their life and culture. Knows more about yourself. It's made you growing up. Now I think I should add one thing more: talk more with strangers and don't judgement easily about others. Study how to listen and pick the point of her talking. How to say your mainly topic in first sentence. How to speak. How to describe your thought and feeling. How to change others good idea as yours part. How to talk without like a teacher but a rich man in your life trip. Full of energy and exp.

Australia ppl who talk have some part good: full of confidence, encouraging, smile, life exp, open mind. It's nice. But anyway, it's still different between ppl even if from the same country. Like money guy story.

We are not the central of the world.

Melbourne is a sport city and Adelaide is a animal farm city for meet. Sydney is a fashion city. Brisbane is a coach city. Darwin is a jungle. Cairns is a tour and diving city. Perth is a country and cow boy city. Mount Isa is a mine town. Alice spring is a aboriginals city.

Buy 54$ food weekly. Meet ivy. Au is not big enough.

I upgrade my Iphone 4s as Ios7 but there are some problems:
1.Battery leaking.
2.Touchpad without response.

Walk around. With Eric.
Different Hk between TW people
Got a trial job chance in centro of glen. For massage.
Have a piece of lemon cheese cake and beer for that.
My farmer eye catch a small birds home in the small tree. Haha. :)

Host Tony fried beef steak and almost burned house!!
Shared some beers with Eric. See? He feels so happy. Give some gifts to friends and you will got more. Like Makoto. Help Tomi to closed the lights to save electronic fee. Like my house.

I read a beautiful trip record in Australia from a Taiwanese. and response some feeling with the host.

    最後選擇來到墨爾本,剛來就被這裡的一日四季洗禮(昨晚短袖~突然下雨~今天早上出太陽~中午採買完暴雨~現在又是一半晴空一半雨空^o)),剛邊吃牛排邊看大的文章,感覺整個很順口,Classics Earl Grey喝起來更有味道(狂推Twins阿!)。



original article:

Apply massage shop with Anthony in glen shopping centro. There are too many staffs and require one week training. So I may give it up. Eric and I going to CBD in the afternoon by tram. One day ticket for 7 dollars. There are some pretty Chinese girls around this line # 75. We are from 70-4 station around Splinders st and Spencer at. And William st. And queen at. And Elizabeth st. From burn wood st.

Saibo. Russian Roulette. Slot and craps( could be win). Baccarat and blackjack. Texas poker 20 odd vs 80 Evan.

memo for cooking:
牛排肉汁 冷凍蔬菜汁 牛排醬 蒜U 5869粉=麵汁
蔬菜=花雕 工研醋

Take me home country road. Tasken. Chinese voice. How touched it is. 
Miss your family and country. 

Tuna porridge.
Fishing at beach. But nothing. 
Crown with 14 zero. What a fuck system. 
Just balance. 
Fire Show. 
Visit city with tony and Eric. 

Beef stick and nice food. 
Drink a little bit. 
Nice home stay. 
Joggle with tony and just see his front side because I am too slow and he is already reverse. 2.8 miles. 

Sleep until awake natually. 
Cut hair at 1600. Hope it isn't closed yet. 
Meet some Asia ppl on net. 
Have a good lunch and horror movie. 
Wash clothes and dry it. 
Crown again. 
Eric catch a big fish. Nice. :)
Asia girl are nice after dressed. 
Be cool and good attitude about your complex life. Make it easily. Enjoy it. Do single line at a time and finished it. Always on time. GJ. TRUSTED FACE. 
Don't be a kid. Just easily walking on your way. Pick if you have chance. Leave if there is nothing for you. It's a simple question. Like fisher. 

Lost $60 and win spot points extra 20 in crown. I am not chic enough. No matter your life, girl, trip, money, work or gamble. Even sports. You should make yourself man, man. 


We watch final game of "Chines Voice" and cook for the fish which is catched by Eric yesterday. I fried the body side without oil and make some miso soap with head and spy.